John Nasshan

John NasshanSince settling in Las Vegas in 1975, I’ve been fortunate to have been called on to perform for many events, both on and off the Las Vegas Strip. I perform as a drummer and percussionist in ensembles from a wide range of musical styles, including acoustic jazz trios, rock and R & B groups, big bands, and symphony orchestras.

Bobby Christian was my grandfather, so it’s natural that drums and percussion have always seemed to be my path in this world. From my earliest years, I remember being “groomed” to do what I do. Thanks to my developmental experiences, I have always had the natural instincts that have allowed me to be a valued addition to all of my musical situations.

My personal “mission statement” is the one that I learned from my grandfather, Bobby Christian: “The fact that we play drums and percussion means nothing; it’s whether or not we elevate the craft and all of the art that goes with it. That’s what really matters.”